Aquamarine Necklace by Lyse Tremblay

The Thing About Aquamarine

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There are many sources of information for minerals and gemstones and most of it is available on the internet, including the ubiquitous Wikipedia. Our technical descriptions of gemstones are drawn primarily from the Rock and Gem Guide of the Smithsonian Institute and from The Fifth Edition of Gemstones of the World, by Walter Schuman.

Aquamarine is one of the gemstones produced from the beryl group of minerals, given names according to their defining colors: aquamarine (blue-green and light blue), emerald (light green), morganite (rose pink), golden beryl (golden yellow), heliodor (yellowish-green), goshenite (colorless), bixbite (red), and bazzite (blue).

Aquamarine stones from Namibia

The name aquamarine means “seawater” and its color can range from sea-green to sky-blue. The largest deposits of aquamarine are found in Brazil which is also the location of a very fine grade of aquamarine named Santa Maria (after the name of the mine where it is found).

Aquamarine can be used to make stunning jewelry, often in combination with pearls. It is the birthstone for the month of October. Our aquamarine comes from Namibia.

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